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Spatial Infrastructure

Management Tool

The MGSI product makes it easy to take data from one schema, transform it to another schema, and then load this new transformed schema into the desired location. MGSI can be used by any GIS technical entity to quickly import GIS data. Furthermore, MGSI is a great tool to run extensive QA/QC checks prior to updating the production databases. MGSI greatly simplifies regional databases coalescence and updates.


  • Based on Esri’s ArcMap Platform

  • User-friendly Interface

  • Integrated QA/QC checks automation

  • Set mapping transformation rules between input and output data

  • Delta checks management

  • Fail safe loading

  • Status updates and progress notifications

  • Support automatic coordinate system projections and transformations

  • Rollback management

  • Create schema-to-schema translators to easily load GIS data from other sources

  • Ability to save various schema to schema translators for future use

  • Supports different types of data transformations

  • Supports the creation and update of the advanced intersection layer

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