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GIS Enhancement Solution for CAD

You are operating a call taking and dispatch environment for a security department within a University, Utilities, or any other type of enterprise where such call taking and dispatch environment is at the heart of your day-to-day business operations, and you are looking to enhance you GIS capabilities. NextGSS has developed products to enhanced your GIS capabilities while simplifying the work environment and increasing productivity. You are struggling to keep your GIS data up to date and this is causing serious operational issues, we have the solution that you need. We created an extended online search option when there is no inhouse GIS searchable data readily available. This feature is providing access to external geocoding services such as the ones offered by Esri and Google. We see tremendous benefits for call takers, dispatcher and first responders alike. In our humble opinion, it is all about giving access to the best GIS information available at any given time, ensuring that all parties concerned are provided with all existing information to make timely decisions.

Through its comprehensive Application Program Interfaces (APIs), NextGSS family of products can interface with all Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Call Taking and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems available on the market today. Once integrated with NextGSS, the call takers, dispatchers and first responders as the case might be have access to unique location and display services. While the MultiGen Location Services (MGLS) provides as you type sub-second response to dispatchable location queries, interior locations, intersections, similar civic locations and much more, the MultiGen Display Services (MGDS) product provides the call center personnel with the ability to reduce the number of monitors required at each workstation. MGDS has been conceived to combine tabular and geospatial information on a single screen for incidents, calls, units, geo-fence alarms, social media feeds, live weather and traffic.

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