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Multi-Generation Display Service (MGDS)

MGDS provides call takers, dispatchers, and command center staff with the ability to locate, visualize, and understand emergency situations and then manage them using a common location and display service. MGDS provides critical advanced services like display, location, routing, response drive times, and unit recommendations to any MGDS compatible system.

MGDS uses EIDD standards for calls, incidents and units' data exchange, therefore, unlike other systems, MGDS geo-empowers standardized data exchanges between dispatch centers. MGDS uses external services for key features like location and routing. MGDS is a one-off platform providing access to all additional NG9-1-1 data. Moreover, MGDS is uniquely positioned to support both NG9-1-1 and NG CAD making it years ahead of other vendors who continue to sell closed, non-standard display systems with embedded location components that typically work only for a local area.


  • Based on ESRI ArcMap platform

  • Built-in API interface for third party CAD and Call Taking systems

  • Uses EIDD standard for data exchange

  • User friendly

  • Real-time traffic routing option

  • Supports interior location services

  • Supports AVL, Pictometry, social media feeds, and more…

  • Pinpoints secondary incident locations

  • Independent tables displaying calls, incidents and units

  • CAD-to-CAD Display

  • Fully compatible with MultiGen Location Services (MGLS) for dispatchable location verification

  • See MGDS Mobile for more features

MultiGen Display Service Mobile™ (MGDS Mobile™)

MGDS Mobile extends command & control and critical information access to command center staff and first responders deployed in the field, consequently, giving them the ability to quickly understand, visualize, respond to, and manage emergency situations.  MGDS Mobile and MGDS are the same application, however, the mobile version has been designed to run on tablets using Android, Windows or iOS operating systems. This approach simplifies the ease of use, support, cross training, and the overall system maintenance. Now the dispatch center, remote command and control staff, as well as the first responders can all use the same platform and access the same information when needed.

Using MGDS Mobile, remote staff (e.g.: a patrol Sergeant or a battalion Chief) deployed in locations such as an airport, university or football stadium, can quickly visualize and understand incidents impacting them while visualizing resources available to them. The MGDS Mobile supports role-based security which limits access to incidents and units information by both role and geographic area.

MGDS Mobile provides first responders access to all incidents, units, and next-generation data needed in the field to effectively respond to an incident. All this information is available to them in real-time on a tablet.


  • Extends command and control to deployed staff

  • Updates first responders with incident info as it is updated by dispatch

  • Runs on iOS, Windows and Android tablets

  • Role based security tied to agencies, incident types, and units

  • Smart links for calls, incidents, and units

  • Provides access to: social media feeds, surveillance camera, emergency response guide, preplans, floor plans, interior locations, weather, and more.

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