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Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry has become highly dependable of location information. Our Geospatial Solutions and Services empower operations with integration of tabular and geographic data from multiple sources into one database. The access to this centralized single source of information is enabling employees from various departments to take informed operational decisions through geo-enabled visualizations, analysis, and management of different information, such as corporate assets, surface and sub-surface data, status and classification of wells, current and historical production volumes, as well as diverse surveillance data.


We cover multiple areas under the oil and gas industry, including but not limited to:

  • Workflow management

  • Distribution and pipeline support management

  • Monitoring of emission and accidents

  • Supporting conformity with environmental regulations


Whether you are an expert or not in Geospatial solutions, GIS enables you to see relationships and patterns, answer complex questions, and make better decisions for your entire energy life cycle starting from production sites until reaching your customers.

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