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Remote Sensing &


You have a project for an aerial survey and looking for an experience team to process the data, we are offering the following offshore GIS Data Services at a very competitive price:

  • Image Processing

  • Imagery enhancement and manipulation of different image layers to produce feature class layers

  • Satellite / Aerial / Drone imagery data processing and stereo analysis Rectification (adjustment of X and Y coordinates)​

  • Orthorectification (adjustment of X, Y & Z coordinates from the ground control points)

  • Feature Extraction & classification

  • Images Mosaicking​

  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) generation

  • Digital Elevation Modeling (3D Models), many applications require analysis of three-dimensional data models that incorporate elevation values for gaining additional insights, making better decisions or for communicating ideas more effectively. We display more meaningful information by generating Digital Elevation Models, Digital Surface Models and 3D GIS Data from different sources such as satellite stereo pairs, contour maps, field data and many others.

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