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Municipalities, Counties, States / Provincial & Federal Governments

Nowaday, municipalities, provincial or federal governments are recognizing the need to embrace digital technologies and strategies to drastically improve their operations. GIS is at the forefront of this digital transition, forcing people to assess business problems with a different angle. Among other things, it imposes the question of how location impacts workflows, analysis, and citizen engagement.

Geospatial Systems provide fast access to various accurate location based information, such as public services, census and demographic information, population distribution across rural and urban areas, and many other types of information generated by different parties.

Municipalities and provincial government have the ultimate responsibility to manage land parcels. Depending on the needs, properly managing land parcels may require land or aerial surveys to generate the required GIS Data. In the case of aerial survey we can process the LIDAR  data and imagery.


Our Geospatial solutions and services for municipalities and governments address the need for Geo-enabled integration and unification of data sources, while empowering our clients with analysis and creative decision support tools in multiple areas, such as:

  • Workflow management

  • Resources management

  • Public Services/communication

  • Guidance and tracking of resources

  • Planning expansion

  • Defining services implementation phases

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