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Other Industries

For any corporation, real time geospatial data with a good understanding of the market has the potential to impact the decision process and alter the future of the business. The geospatial empowerment of a corporation provides tools to manage current and future business forecasts as well as workflows and day to day operations.

The access of your Data within your GIS environment will be of the utmost importance and keeping it up to date even more critical. As and Esri Solution Provider we offer various GIS Data Services as well as Offshore GIS Software Development to help you maximize the benefits of your Geographic Information System while minimizing the workload pressure on your GIS team.

Below are some of the business areas we are serving:

  • AVL, Fleet management & route planning

  • Customer analysis

  • Customer Care

  • Dashboards

  • Fleet Management

  • Geo-enabling Business Intelligence

  • Geomarketing

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Property management

  • Territory management

Our Geospatial solutions will empower your organisation and allow you to make the best decisions based on the finest information representation available.

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