All About NextGSS™

Who is NextGSS™

NextGSS™ is the only provider of multi-generation, location, display, and call routing products for E911, NG9-1-1, CAD, and NG CAD.

Our Spatial Command and Control Products™ are the core location and display services for both NG9-1-1 and NG CAD.

Please compare our key features with your current legacy display and you will quickly understand why our products should be your first step towards NG911 and NG CAD implementation.

Our Vision

We realized the significance of considering both call and incident workflow in order for command centers, call takers, dispatchers, and first responders to achieve optimal NG benefits. We also considered NG911 capabilities including command and control, additional data sources, interoperability with adjacent centers, and improved communications. As a result, our MultiGen Spatial Command and Control Products™ will change how the industry thinks and understands about implementing and benefiting from NG9-1-1 and Next Generation CAD.

Our Mission

To create a simple, multi-generation path to NG9-1-1 and NG CAD that improves call and incident workflow for your command centers, call takers, dispatchers, and first responders, today.

Our products will reduce your call processing time, incident processing time, and response time while improving first responder safety.
Our Spatial Command and Control Products™ should be able to reduce your total cost of ownership of your location and display services by over 50% to 100% over a five year period.

Spatial Command and Control Products™

All of our products are MultiGen, since they were designed to support NG9-1-1 and Next Generation CAD, and then extended to support E911 and legacy CAD. Our MultiGen NG approach allows you to use all of products with your current E911 and CAD system and then migrate to NG911 and NG CAD with the touch of a button without replacing your location and display services. Our unique approach also means that you can immediately benefit from improved incident workflow by using our location and display products without implementing NG911.

MultiGen Display Services™



The MGDS™ is a Multi-Generation, sub-second mission-critical, scalable, Web-based, enterprise display service. The MGDS™ is available as two separate services: MGDS™ Dispatch and MGDS™ Mobile.

MultiGen Spatial Infrastructure™



The MGSI™ is a dynamic spatial data integration and transformation product, which accepts data from multiple sources, manipulates and adds data, and loads data to a desired location using the desired schema.

MultiGen LVF/ECRF™



A multi-generation, sub-second, mission critical, scalable Location Validation Function (MGLVF™) and Emergency Call Routing Function (MGECRF™) service.

MultiGen Display Services Dispatch™ (MGDS Dispatch)

MultiGen Display Service Mobile™ (MGDS Mobile)

MultiGen Spatial Infrastructure